Your Sustainability Source to Become Energy Efficient

Multi-Family Quick Home Energy Checkups

quick home energy checkupsgreeNEWit stands as a leader in the Multi-Family Quick Home Energy Checkup (QHEC) Program. This allows residential and multifamily homes to get energy upgrades at no additional charge to the monthly utility bills of tenants and owners.


Find Out How We Put Our Customers First

our customers firstgreeNEWit's success is a result of being a market leader in the energy improvement industry combined with our core belief in excellence, customer service and community.


Supporting Our Community with a module Per Unit Pledge

module per unit pledgeAt greeNEWit, we pledge to give back to community-oriented initiatives that surround energy education. The greeNEWit module Pledge Program fosters environmental stewardship and allows us to fund our social goodwill programs via energy efficiency projects.


Your Sustainability Source to Become  Efficient

greeNEWit was founded to help society build sustainable communities and better economies through conserving the use of natural resources. We provide energy and water saving upgrades that help residents and businesses save money on their electricity bill and reduce the carbon footprint.

These upgrades include the installation of CFLs, aerators, efficient-flow showerheads, smart strips, water heater tank wraps, pipe insulation and more. By providing retrofit solutions, we're helping connect and streamline the home improvement industry as our society increases it's energy demand. Our mission is to provide energy efficient solutions that promote sustainability, reduce consumption, eliminate waste and reform our relationship with the environment.

We also consult for commercial properties and train utility companies to achieve sustainable operations.

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